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I want to make two different mixes right now, in different orders of importance. I have a good chunk of songs that I like for them, but I feel like I need quite a bit more bolstering, and I was wondering if some of you wonderful people might have any suggestions for me!


All right, I am leaving the country for a month for foreign study, and my boyfriend of over a year is terrified that I won't come back, or that I'll meet someone else (which won't happen in a million years). I want to make him a mix, something I can put in the mail the day I leave or something so he gets it a few days later, in some reassurance that I will be coming back and that I'll miss him a lot. So! Songs to do with travel, distance, or just sweet songs for your significant other period.

what I have:
Piazza, New York Catcher -- Belle & Sebastian
Sweet Lovin' Man -- The Magnetic Fields
Person Person -- Mirah
Till We Meet Again -- Jeremy Jay

There are others, but these are the main ones. Wanted to see what anyone's ideas might be.


A friend of mine inspired me to demonstrate my immense love for Beat Happening by making a mix of lo-fi, simple melodied upbeat tunes to bop along to this summer. I do have a lot of songs I'm tussling with, and I think some songs will make the cut that don't necessarily follow this theme but that flow nicely, but I wanted to share a snippet of what I have there as well:

Don't Touch My Bikini -- The Halo Benders
The Dazzled -- Crystal Stilts
Fine Young Cannibals -- The Wolf Parade
Ask Me -- Beat Happening
Between Your Ear and the Other Ear -- The Microphones
Ship -- Thee Oh Sees
Tiger Trap -- Beat Happening

OKAY. Now that I have that mouthful out, anyone who has an idea would win me infinite gratitude!
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