priscilla (scrilla) wrote in indierockmix,

new mix.

i know lj users are a dying breed but i figured i'd try for help here.

my friend was pretty much dumped by her fiance a month before the wedding day, so i'm making her a two part mix.

part one will help her through her mourning period and part two is the back on her feet pump her up side.

i have a few so far for examples:

part one:
feist-let it die
drama rama-anything, anything
frou frou-hear me out
damien rice-cold water
no doubt-simple kind of life
she &him-black hole
coldplay-hardest part

part two:
beach boys-here comes the sun
rilo kiley-a better son-daughter
the dear hunter-black sandy beaches
elliott smith-somebody i used to know
flight of the concords-i'm not crying (this is meant as an LOL song to be at the very end)

anyway. help/suggestions would be great! i have a lot of options for part one, but more is always good. I def. need more for part two.
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