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team jacob/team edward

okay. per request making some twilight saga themed mixes. don't poke fun!

so far i've got a few for 'team jacob' but could use a few more.

voxtrot-raised by wolves
modest mouse-wild pack of family dogs
cat power-werewolf
sea wolf-you're a wolf
ben folds-dog
deerhoof-dog on the sidewalk
animal collective-doggy
damien rice-dogs
my chemical romance-house of wolves
arctic monkeys-perhaps vampires is a bit strong but...
secret & whisper-werewolves
radiohead-a wolf at the door

some of those are just maybes, so i'd like to switch them out for different songs. i'm sure you get the idea of what i'm looking for from the songs i've shown.

as far as 'team edward' goes i haven't started but i'm looking for obviously vampire songs and then also songs that mention blood or being cold. need to get this done in the next few weeks (before the premier) preferably sooner rather than later.
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