.overnight to london. (pseudokiss) wrote in indierockmix,
.overnight to london.

holiday gifts

my brother's wife asked me for a mix for christmas. it's been a while since i made one!

1. american football--i'll see you when we're both not so emotional
2. the national--fake empire
3. phoenix--countdown
4. the magic numbers--love is a game
5. the smiths--this charming man
6. yo la tengo--the weakest part
7. get up kids--mass pike
8. vampire weekend--m79
9. the anniversary--emma discovery
10. tegan and sara--call it off
11. third eye blind--motorcycle drive by
12. smashing pumpkins--tonight, tonight
13. andrew bird--skin is, my
14. cat power--i don't blame you
15. pedro the lion--when they really get to know you they will run
16. elliott smith--everybody cares, everybody understands
17. dntel--this is the dream of evan and chan
18. the cure--lullaby
19. death cab for cutie--president of what?
20. jealous sound--hope for us
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