brian anthony luke zeolla, inc. (helpwanted) wrote in indierockmix,
brian anthony luke zeolla, inc.

Hey guys, new episode of mixtapes&heartaches up this morning, hope you enjoy it. you can go over to to listen, download or subscribe via itunes. let me know what you think.


1. The Ataris - For the Last, Last Call
2. Copeland - Pin Your Wings
3. The Stereo - 1994
4. Motion City Soundtrack - Her Words Destroyed My Planet
5. Adam Richman - Broken Glass
6. Northstar - Between Horns and Halos
7. Hot Rod Circuit - Radio Song
8. Lucero - She's Just That Kind of Girl
9. Kevin Devine - No One Else's Problem
10. fun. - The Gambler
11. City and Colour - The Girl
12. Rookie of the Year - Enjoy this Drive
13. Small Towns Burn a Little Slower - Suicide Medicine (Rocky Votolato cover)
14. Alcoholic Faith Mission - Guilty Scared Eyes
15. The Gloria Record - Ode to New Grass
16. Magnolia Electric Co. - Such Pretty Eyes for a Snake (live)
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