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indierockmix's Journal

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new rules.new info.soon

in the meantime, no promotions.

this is a community for um... what the name says. woooo, what a concept! there are rules, mofos:

one - this is a community based on making and trading indie/experimental/rock/'emo'/hardcore/whatever the eff you want mixes. however, i must ask that you leave all this fifteen year old-high school-pop punk-but you think it's emo-bullshit out. if you like that kind of music, fine. you're entitled to listen to crappy music. just don't talk about it here. post that ish and it will be deleted.

two - yes, i said deleted. there will be an actual moderator here and i like power. [muahahah]

three - if you're asking for requests for a themed mix [ie: asking for songs that say 'i hate you', 'i love you', 'you make me want to stab my eye'] please go over past entries first, no one wants to hear the same requests over and over. oh, AND, check the memories page. there you'll find past requests and such and such. ooooooh. ahhhhhhh. ::memories have not been updated since 2002/03(?). tags are now required.::

four - this is a community, damnit! talk! yes it's based on mixes, but get to know the people here, make friends, talk about whatever it is you people like. and COMMENT, you know you all like it when you get comments, so do the same for everyone else.

five - some people like crappy music. actually, a lot of people do. and we're all entitled to think so. however, if someone makes a mix you think is awful, dont everyone bash him/her endlessly. try to give constructive critism. say the mix makes you want to shoot yourself in the head over and over again, but offer suggestions, say why it sucks. this isn't about who is the biggest elitist here, and who can make the most people look dumb. and again, talk too much shit and your posts will be deleted. end.

six - leave the surveys/quizzes/asking for codes out. you want a code, ask a friend. or better yet, go to the codesharing community. quizzes and surveys are just dumb. addendum: there is to be no promotion of non-music related topics. moderator will determine whether it is relevant to the community or not and reserves the right to delete any irrelevant posts.

seven - spell check! ooooh, its your new best friend! if you suck at spelling, use it. you'll look like a moron and everyone will point it out.

eight - have fun, damn you! fun fun fun! if you get sick of the community or aren't having fun, leave. don't bitch and complain. no one cares.

alrighty then, let the mixes begin!

maintained bysleepcalmstorm & delluh.

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